7 Viral TikTok Trends Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

The rise of TikTok is transforming many industries, and the beauty industry is no exception. With the platform’s rapid video format and viral trends, TikTok is becoming a major player in shaping beauty trends and consumer behaviours alike. Here are seven viral TikTok trends that are revolutionizing the beauty industry.

1. Skincare-first Approach

Multiple skincare products with an emphasis on care rather than coverage

Look no further than TikTok’s ‘skincare’ hashtag, boasting billions of views, to know how pivotal skincare has become. Users are swapping foundation for serums, showcasing that looking after your skin is more important than temporarily covering it up.

2. Clean Beauty Movement

Various clean and sustainable beauty products

This trend emphasizes natural ingredients and eco-friendly production. Sustainable and clean beauty brands are hugely popular on the platform, leading to more consumers second-guessing their current skincare and makeup regimes.

3. Makeup Hacks

Demonstration of a makeup hack involving lipstick and eyeliner

Ingenuity abounds on TikTok, and the makeup hacks are no exception. From lipstick outlines to using concealer as an eyeshadow primer, these clever tips and tricks are taking the beauty industry by storm.

4. Embracing Diversity

Diverse groups of people showing off their beauty trends and styles

TikTok is a truly global platform, with users of all ethnicities, genders and ages. This diversity is leading to the proliferation of a far greater range of beauty trends, products and techniques.

5. DIY Beauty Tips

DIY beauty tips demonstration like homemade masks

DIY beauty tips are a big hit on TikTok. Whether it’s homemade face masks or DIY hair treatments, TikTok users love to share (and follow) these cost-effective and fun beauty solutions.

6. Increased Transparency

Detailed uncovering of a beauty product ingredients

‘Dupe Alerts’, where users share affordable alternatives to high-end products, and ‘Ingredient Check’, showcasing what’s really in beauty products, are driving more transparency within the industry.

7. Mental Well-being

Beauty isn’t just skin deep. TikTok trends dove into the intersection of beauty and mental health, encouraging self-care practices that extend beyond the beauty products we use.

In conclusion, TikTok is undeniably reshaping the beauty landscape. By enabling user-generated content, promoting transparency, and endorsing diversity, the platform is catalysing a democratisation of the beauty industry that we’ve never seen before.

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